Blaster Jr - Precision Mechanics Airsoft

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Trap your enemies by placing a Blaster JR with a movement detector.
Drop your Blaster in a strategic place, charge it with bb’s, plug in your battery, wait for the light to switch off and your Blaster will be ready to throw a cloud of bbs at the slightest movement.
With a solid nylon polymer design, it will be perfect for your indoor and outdoor games.
To throw balls at +- 5 meters, use only 6mm bb’s.
No gas needed it runs on batteries in 2s lipo 7.2V recommended or nimh.
With a capacity of 50 bb's and a shot per load, it will take just 2 seconds to empty the charger, giving it a theoretical cadence of 1500 rounds per minute.
Small, it will go very easily in the pockets of your tactical vest. Only 5cm thick, 13 cm long and 6 cm high.
The kit includes : the Blaster JR, a paper cover, ziptie, instructions for use and a transport box.


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