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The Kimera is improving again. The version 4.0 is still compact and easy to use, and now features a tom mounted gas valve. The top cup is friction welded on to the center cap essentially making them a single piece that requires no adjustment and is much stronger than a threaded connection.
Because of this manufacturing process the kimera can handle much stronger "red gas".
The latch system has been improved as well,  reinforced with wall contact boundary the new latch prevents accidental explosion better than previous versions.
The lower cup has been reviewed to work with our pressure expansion system, its now easier to insert and remove and available in two variants:
Sonic Core, meant to work with low pressure gas or low temperatures but producing less noise. (Works with all gas)
Ultra Sonic Core, meant to work with high pressure gas or high temperatures and producing more noise. (Only works with high pressure gas)
The lower cups are still versatile, they can contain bb's, talc, dyes, paint, ...
You can now use green gas or red gas, a paracord made in USA allows you to hold the two parts together and its new hexagonal shape facilitates the use.
Still compatible with the Fast Bang since it keeps the ideal proportions, 9cm on 4,5cm and only 100gr, the new Kimera 3.0 will be your ideal ally.

Fits perfect in 40mm grenade pouch.
Ultra light:
Just 97 g Keep you gear weight down .
Green Gas:
No need for expensive Co2 cartridges.
No need to constantly replace cups after every throw.
Activates on impact, eliminate enemy throwback possibility.

Fast bang:
Compatible with Fast Bang
Can be activated on walls or ceilings.
Quick and easy to reactivate after use.
Use bb´s, flower, talk, Colored Powder, or combinations... Its your choice
Quality assurance:
100% Manufactured in Europe, all parts, warranties and costumer care easily available.
40mm (1.57 inches) wide ; 95mm (3.74 inches) Tall ; 97g (0.21 Pounds)
Next or same day world wide shipping from inside European union.
Great Value:
Accessible to own and easy to use. No need for Co2 cartridges or constant cup replacement, it even works with used bb´s or no bb´s at all, its all your choice.
You just need your Kimera Jr and gas to start Improving your game options and eliminate players outside line of sight.

We ship Worldwide.  Feel free to ask any questions.
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