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4.0 out of 5 starsReliable, easy to use, inexpensive to maintain: a successful airsoft grenade
byun1qu3on 11 September 2018
Verified Purchase
Actually, I only play CQB indoors - there are often times when two teams face each other at the bottleneck. Only grenades help here. I was able to experience many models of Airsoft colleagues live and test myself. Including:
- bang-grenades with a leaflet: for inside almost too loud, you have to buy additional leaflets or replace the whole corpus (Thunder B)
- Storm 360: Basically cool - the BBs fly in all directions. But difficult! Head injuries are inevitable. And big! You need very large bags on the Mollesystem, so you can take the grenade at all.

So I became aware of the Youtuber "Highlander" on the "KIMERA". Advantages from my point of view:
1. Easy to use:
Pen in, gas in, if necessary ball in the other half, put the two halves together, done. Since you tie the two halves together with a rope, they are not lost.
2. Cheap maintenance:
You only need Airsoft gas (green gas), no Zündblättchen, no replacement housing. Possibly. still 0.12g BBs as filling (5000 pieces for a good 5, -).
3. Light and small:
The Kimera fits in a 40mm grenade pouch or in a M4 mag pouch. Really small. It is also very easy. A teammate got her through the stairwell from the top down to the head - nothing happened!
4. Reliable:
It just works. The plastic holds because thick and flexible.

Not so great or good to know:
- The included string that holds the two halves together is crap. After 2 ignitions she was torn. I have clothesline from the hardware store (with wire core) in use - that holds. Also possible: thin (!) Paracord or garden wire.
- Scattering circle of the balls: Who plays on fields, where only hit the grenade hits, if the BBs hit, then this grenade is probably not so great. Due to the principle of the scatter circle in BBs is not sooo great and especially not always the same.
- The mechanism is simple, but the grenade must be tight. There is a video on Youtube ("Kimera maintenance") showing how to wait for the grenade. All you need is a bit of silicone grease (!) - so you grease everything in the ignition mechanism, build it back together and then everything is tight. My grenade was already greased, but you should get some silkon fat (! - Spray is too thin!) Order, does not cost the world.

Conclusion: Sometimes the best purchase for CQB Airsoft players. I could already decide many a game / situation with my 2 Kimeras. For ambitious players a great and especially game enriching purchase!

byMarcelon 2 September 2018
Verified Purchase
Had the grenade on the airsoft game and was thrilled that she has worked 100% and she was super fast game again finished

5.0 out of 5 starsSuper Airsoft Grenade
byJonahon 28 February 2018
Verified Purchase
Great workmanship. Both as a sound grenade, as well as airsoft grenade and to use as a piece of jewelry. Nice feeling. But TIP: BUY YOUR PARRAKORD TO KEEP THE PARTS TOGETHER. OTHERS DO NOT HOLD (not even chain). But otherwise SUPER.

byuser0815on 10 January 2017
5.0 out of 5 starsReliable and robust!
Verified Purchase
Ordered this airsoft grenade after I met someone on a game who had one.
If you use some silicone oil during assembly and you put it on well, it is absolutely leakproof and above all reusable immediately!
Some airsoft grenades need after a release a few minutes to hold the seals again - this one can be refilled immediately and tight! Very cool.

I like the security pin, no rumgehampel with several parts - only pull pin and throw. The trigger works 1A - you can move after Stigt even without it goes up immediately.

The only negative point is: The BB scatter is not great! Since in the fields where I play always that everything within 5 meters radius is at a grenade hit (prevents cheating and stupid situations because a 2 meters next to the grenade and claims he did not get anything) that does not matter to me.

But if you play in fields where only direct BB hits from a grenade count, I would not recommend them!

Well, I'm super satisfied and will get me another 2-3 as soon as he can afford it ;-)

byvapocoon 25 November 2017
5.0 out of 5 starsGreat parts
Verified Purchase
From time to time a sprayer silicone grease in the gas hole and the Kimeras are super tight! Can the partially with pressure 2-3 weeks in the closet are and they still trigger. So far, even after heavy use, no broken. I would buy again anytime!

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